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Executive Development and Learning

Our services and solutions in executive development and learning encompasses advisory and consulting services dedicated to the design and delivery of result-driven formal and in formal learning interventions at the executive level and includes;

- Board Development

We provide our clients innovative tools and advisory interventions to undertake effectively board performance (collective and individual level), highlighting gaps in competencies and recommending appropriate development interventions aimed to enhancing the capacity of board executives to deliver exceptional performance through the:

  • Implementation of effective corporate governance, leadership structures, succession planning, executive learning and development interventions and ensuring that a balanced range of experts are included in the executive board team,including selection of the right calibre of Non Executive board members.
  • Effective reviewing and monitoring the strategic goals and performance of organisations, reviewing and evaluating opportunities, threats and risks in the external environment and relating them to the organisation.
  • Developing strategic options and implementing them whilst ensuring that the organisations organisational structure and capability are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies and resilient for future events.
- Strategic Agility & Insight

We assist our clients to enhance the strategic insight and capabilities of their senior executive team members which will contribute towards the generation of revenue employee engagement and organisational stability in turbulent business environments

- Blended Learning Solutions

We design, deploy and embed blended learning and development solutions which are specifically aimed at to generating rapid return on investment and competitive advantage for our clients.

- Other Solutions & Services

Our executive development and development offering also include the following services and solutions:

We design and implement of cost-effective executive learning and development interventions aligned to sector and firm size contexts to maximise competitive advantage and long-term organisational stability.

Also, we assess our clients executive team learning capabilities and talent profiles, design mitigation interventions which to drive effective talent retention and optimisation of human capital capacity.

In addition, we conduct executive leadership capability audits for Mergers & Acquisitions and company valuations to minimise risks of integration and loss of investment.

As well, we undertake pan-industry benchmarking of executive learning and development capabilities to provide the intelligent required for driving effective talent retention and competitive advantage.

Business Model Innovation

Our in-depth expertise in business model innovation means that our clients are assured of robust design and implementation of value-added business models and value propositions that will generate revenue maximisation, market share, brand value, cost efficiencies faster than competitors. Our business model innovation services and solutions also encompass the following:

- Renewal & Extension Models

We generate value-added business models encompassing mapping, re-designing, piloting and rolling-out new / extension models - optimising key business drivers to future-proof businesses and organisations to withstand shocks in dynamic competitive environments.

- Channel & Experience Models

We create compelling value propositions, optimised to reach multiple channels, and leveraging the experience models of clients which are strategically aligned to the internal resources of the firm in order to maximise profitability from existing and new customers.

- Revenue Model Maximisation

We deploy proven cost-reduction and value-driven techniques to generate lean and dynamic business models to maximise the revenue models of organisations.
We create and consolidate customer insight and dynamic innovation capability to generate new profitable services / products to existing and new customers.

Capital Projects & Change Programmes

Services and solutions offered under Capital Projects & Change Programmes involve the deployment of innovative PPM tools and techniques to deliver cost benefits and efficiencies in complex capital projects and change programmes across sectors – Public, Private and Third Sector. Scope of services includes but is not limited to:

- Audits and Recovery Planning

We work with our clients to maximise the return on investment, value, and benefits of capital projects and change programmes by customising, deploying and embedding industry-leading tools and techniques accounting for firm / organisation specific configurations.

- Efficiency & Cost Reduction

We providing our clients the expertise to efficiently deliver critical project initiatives, providing real business results and reducing risk through effective setup, management and control.
Our solutions and services are designed to equip our clients to consistently deliver capital projects and change programmes on time and within budget based on the effective deployment of our assessments tools, frameworks, all of which are designed to enhance people - building capabilities, quality and performance orientation.

Other solutions & services we offer under capital projects and change programmes include:
  • Scoping & feasibility studies (including economic impact assessments and investment logic development)
  • Construction Sequencing, Planning and Phasing
  • Strategic project & programme auditing and gateway reviews.
  • Project, Programme & Portfolio cost-benefit and dependency reviews
  • Project Portfolio Prioritisation to achieve optimised Invest returns
  • Project / Programme deliverability reviews, remedial actions planning, contract re-negotiations and strategic risk identification and mitigation.
  • Strategic sourcing & procurements of critical parts and equipments – including instrumentation, automation, mechanical, electrical, civil, mining, oil and gas, quarry, etc.
  • Recruitment and sourcing of specialists project expertise.
Organizational Development and Learning

At Leapmax Consulting, we target our organisational development and learning solutions at enabling our clients advance their S-curve rapidly, drawing on proven strategies, tools and interventions and includes;

- Monitoring & Bench marking

We employ best-practice tools to undertake organisation learning audits to identify capability gaps and to offer cost effective and result-driven solutions which will rapidly advance organisation over the S-curve.

- Business Simulations

We offer business simulation and experiential learning solutions to drive superior organisational performance and develop superior human capital capacity across organisations.

- Capability Assessments

We design, implement and embed organisational learning capability that is strongly aligned with organisational values, reward systems and long-term strategic objectives.

Other Services & Products

We strive to bring our clients the best products and solutions to drive exceptional business and organisational performance.
Please contact us if you have specific business software and technological requirements and we will work with you to select and develop an appropriate solution.

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