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Executive Development and Learning

Our services and solutions in executive development and learning encompasses advisory and consulting services dedicated to the design and delivery of result-driven formal and in formal learning interventions at the executive level and includes;

- Board Development

We provide our clients innovative tools and advisory interventions to undertake effectively board performance (collective and individual level), highlighting gaps in competencies and recommending appropriate development interventions aimed to enhancing the capacity of board executives to deliver exceptional performance through the:

  • Implementation of effective corporate governance, leadership structures, succession planning, executive learning and development interventions and ensuring that a balanced range of experts are included in the executive board team,including selection of the right calibre of Non Executive board members.
  • Effective reviewing and monitoring the strategic goals and performance of organisations, reviewing and evaluating opportunities, threats and risks in the external environment and relating them to the organisation.
  • Developing strategic options and implementing them whilst ensuring that the organisations organisational structure and capability are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies and resilient for future events.
- Strategic Agility & Insight

We assist our clients to enhance the strategic insight and capabilities of their senior executive team members which will contribute towards the generation of revenue employee engagement and organisational stability in turbulent business environments

- Blended Learning Solutions

We design, deploy and embed blended learning and development solutions which are specifically aimed at to generating rapid return on investment and competitive advantage for our clients.

- Other Solutions & Services

Our executive development and development offering also include the following services and solutions:

We design and implement of cost-effective executive learning and development interventions aligned to sector and firm size contexts to maximise competitive advantage and long-term organisational stability.

Also, we assess our clients executive team learning capabilities and talent profiles, design mitigation interventions which to drive effective talent retention and optimisation of human capital capacity.

In addition, we conduct executive leadership capability audits for Mergers & Acquisitions and company valuations to minimise risks of integration and loss of investment.

As well, we undertake pan-industry benchmarking of executive learning and development capabilities to provide the intelligent required for driving effective talent retention and competitive advantage.

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