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Business Model Innovation

Our in-depth expertise in business model innovation means that our clients are assured of robust design and implementation of value-added business models and value propositions that will generate revenue maximisation, market share, brand value, cost efficiencies faster than competitors. Our business model innovation services and solutions also encompass the following:

- Renewal & Extension Models

We generate value-added business models encompassing mapping, re-designing, piloting and rolling-out new / extension models - optimising key business drivers to future-proof businesses and organisations to withstand shocks in dynamic competitive environments.

- Channel & Experience Models

We create compelling value propositions, optimised to reach multiple channels, and leveraging the experience models of clients which are strategically aligned to the internal resources of the firm in order to maximise profitability from existing and new customers.

- Revenue Model Maximisation

We deploy proven cost-reduction and value-driven techniques to generate lean and dynamic business models to maximise the revenue models of organisations.
We create and consolidate customer insight and dynamic innovation capability to generate new profitable services / products to existing and new customers.

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